Conversion Services

Cothern provides a comprehensive range of conversion services to assist with your conversion strategy.  CCS services include:

Planning Workload Migration Specialized Interfaces
Design Database Conversion Continuing Support
Consulting Application Development ROI Studies

All CCS solutions protect our clients’ IT investments by providing fixed cost, non-disruptive transitions to newer, more cost-effective, and powerful technologies.

Converted applications are typically converted to “normalized” standard IBM Cobol and control languages that will compile on an IBM Power System AIX, Linux, IBM i, or IBM z/OS, and COBOL-IT and script languages for Open Systems and Cloud platforms.

The converted applications or equivalent in function and appearance to the original application, thus requiring very little end-user training – a major time and cost savings in a large-scale conversion project.

To learn more about conversion services that we offer, Contact Our team.

Extensive experience with:

Database conversion to DB2, DB2-LUW, Oracle, SQL Server, and other enterprise databases Application development and modernization
Develop specialized interfaces for IBM z and IBM Power Systems to Open Systems and Cloud environments Convert obscure 4GLs, generated programs, and other languages to COBOL, Java and other languages on many platforms