Conversion Methodology

CCS employs a refined, deliberate project methodology to create a complete conversion solution to IBM Power Systems including conversion of COBOL and other application programs, job control language, screen maps, data definitions, databases, interfaces, special forms, and all other necessary application components necessary for a successful conversion. Our goal is to enable the client to rapidly migrate legacy application workloads to IBM Power System AIX, Linux, IBM i, IBM System/z, and other platforms without risk of organizational or technical disruption.

Step 1: Situation Analysis
Step 2: Technical Assessment
Step 3: Conversion
Step 4: Testing and Defect Correction
Step 5: Migration
Step 1: Situation Analysis

  • Business Drivers
  • Technical Drivers
  • ROI Analysis

Step 2: Technical Assessment

  • System Study Application Inventory
  • Project Plan
  • Deployment Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Migration Readiness
  • Special Needs Analysis
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Risk Avoidance Plan

Step 3: Conversion

  • Source Code Extraction
  • Cross Reference
  • Dependency Analysis
  • File Renaming
  • Database Design
  • Data Validation and Preparation
  • Tool Configuration
  • Automated Conversion
  • Conversion Example

Step 4: Testing and Defect Correction

  • Converted Application Source
    Code Inspection, Compilation, and Execution Test
  • Client Code Delivery
  • Unit Testing
  • System and Integration Testing
  • Stress and Regression Testing
  • Data Transfer Testing
  • User Certification Testing

Step 5: Migration

  • Created Production Environment
  • Compile to Production – Final Data to Production
  • Go-Live Testing
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Go-Live Implementation
  • Continuing Support

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